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Meet the Staff!

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Meet the Staff!

Post by Roleplay Manager on Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:49 am

✹ Meet the Staff!

Sometimes it's tricky to know who's a staff member or not with such a growing community like ours, and we believe it's important to also know a little bit about them! There will also be some quick links for the staff members that have a preferred method of communication. Let's begin.

The Administrators
These guys handle the whole show. They can answer any question you dish out. They are very busy, but they do take time for their members and your questions.

Hello, I'm Jalico! The name is inspired by my love for my calico kitten, Chile! No, I'm not a crazy cat lady, but my home has turned into a foster home for fur-babies that need a forever family! When I'm not online, I'm probably working or sleeping. My favorite things to do is write stories/RP, create photomanipulations, learn about different cultures, watch Dexter and documentaries, and further advance my culinary skills! See you around!
Reach me at: PM

Hey, I'm Alex, the co-founder of Odyssey and the founder of Tibalten and Vargas. I'm kind of a boring guy right now since I'm working on an independent study for Computer Science, and during the year usually buried in classes for programming and game development. But hey~ one day maybe I'll make a game out of Odyssey! I'll be looking forward to meeting you if I haven't already, Guest!
Reach me at: PM

Hi, I'm Nash. I am 22 and work a full time collections job for car loans. I have two sisters, one is a twin. I also have a cairn terrier mix named Benji. I love to chat and make friends and I'm working on my drawing skills and photomanipulations. I check in a lot and post when I'm not too tired hehe. I look forward to meeting all the new people; I promise I'm not shy.
Reach me at: PM, Discord, Skype

The Moderators
Mods are a step down from Admin. They have similar responsibilities, such as managing their own pack groups, but they look up to the Admins for guidance and direction. Moderators are here to answer your questions and run things in the Admins absence.

Reach me at:

Hello, my name is Abdul, but I respond better to Cleopatra since that's my name! I'm a mommy and a mystery shopper when I'm not at home! I try to post when I can, but finding time is hard during the days so I'm more active at night when the kids are asleep! Despite all this, please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!
Reach me at: PM

Links to communication

Hi, I'm Ashanti, Giti or Sefkhet/Siza! Please forgive me for my bad english, but I promise I am more than happy to help in any way I can! I love roleplay, so feel free to PM me about starting plots with any of my characters. Roleplay has helped my english get better, so I try to write stories or roleplay any chance I can. Thanks for being a part of Odyssey!
Reach me at: PM, Skype

Never hesitate to reach out to us!

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Roleplay Manager

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