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Praise the Devourer

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Praise the Devourer

Post by Chenzira on Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:11 pm

Chenzira sauntered off his jagged throne with careful, slow movement. With every step lied such gracefulness and ease; the Pharoh held his head high in dominance as he walked near his guards. They avoided eye contact, and some had even bowed in his presence. From this, his ego was also high as well. This was a common trait stemming from the title and luxuries of his godlike status. His people worshiped him and the ground he walked on; how could one not get a bit egotistical?

An envoy had recently come to Pharoh’s quarters announcing Abdul’s presence was close, as well as the new hire for their practice. Their work was secretive to the commons people as a way to safeguard the kingdom’s harmony and peace, but also as a way to keep the dark gods away from the gods they worship. While the Habiru Legion would reside in the kingdom, they would be rewarded the luxury and receive royalty like any other upperclassmen.

“Fetch us a fresh delicacy for our guests,” Pharoh ordered one of his men.
Shortly after the order was given, the guard left to send the message to the proper party. His bunker was always presentable, but a fresh meal for the traveling guests was desired. Pharoh tried to put Abdul’s needs on a pedestal as his work was very dangerous. Without Abdul, his reign would end up in ruins like the past chosen ones.

A thought pricked his mind; Chenzira didn’t know how long Abdul’s visit would be. His room was in order as commanded, and fresh pelts and murals decored the room. But there was something missing that Chenzira failed to think of before. Every wolf craved solitary company - Abdul’s work probably prevented him from having such pleasures. The Dark Lord deserved the luxuries as Pharoh himself, and should be presented the opportunity to have such needs met.

In that Chenzira murmured: “And bring me a ‘desert rose’ for our Dark Lord; a gift is long overdo.”

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Re: Praise the Devourer

Post by Abdul on Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:13 am

Abdul’s limbs were stiff from the journey, but sloth was one trait the Lord stayed away from. Especially in the presence of Pharoh or a newcomer, the brute made sure that he show all the qualities that were expected of his members. Only the best of the best we’re accepted into Habiru; their work ensure succession of the dynasty of Cthulhu, promising a good reign for Pharoh Chenzira.

The cave was disguised by bushes and tall grasses; the only way Abdul was able to discover the entrance was because of the escorts waiting for him to arrive. They guided him through the halls, straight into the Pharoh’s quarters. Immediately after his dark presence entered the cavern, a series of orders were rang from the brute’s maw.

“Oh, you know how to entertain your guests, don’t you, m’lord?” Abdul spoke with a gruff chuckle.

The male gave a quick bow to the god before him, then took a seat in his usual spot when Abdul was here. Cardi followed behind the Dark Lord, and he gestured for her to accompany him.

“Pharoh Chenzira,” Abdul belted out, poking Cardi to rise to her hinds in appropriate posture. “This is Cardi, our newest selection for our divine work.”

Abdul continued with a smirk:

“She succeed all of my expectations; she’s a strategist, and very eager to serve her purpose. I do hope you approve of my decision.”


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Re: Praise the Devourer

Post by Accalia on Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:18 pm

The air was musky and potent with the stench of expired fish, causing the femme to gag and nearly hurl at every inhale. Ashanti lowered her gaze away from her captors with guilty-like features. Every loud voice reverberated from the stone cage that confined her. Her head ached from the shouting of the guards, and her throat was sore from her countless pleas going unheard. What had she gotten herself into? Curiosity killed the cat, would it also cause demise of her very own?

The world around her was dark, but her guards never let her from sight. They called her prisoner, trespasser, slave, degrading names that made her grit her teeth. When she was caught, Pharoh greeted her with open arms and offered to drop the charges of her crimes. For a cost though: marriage.

The way that grimy wolf eyed her like a serving of meat sent chills down Ashanti’s spine. He poked and prodded her body like a new toy, and nearly killed him for it too. The female refused being captive to the brute’s fantasies, and in anguish he placed her here for further use. To whom’s was unknown, but one thing was certain: she’d escape this place. Some way or some how.

Voices rang throughout the cave, and before a command was given, Ashanti was already on her feet having heard the demand from the echoes. Pharoh ordered her company immediately.

“I’m coming, you don’t need to repeat it.” Ashanti retorted walking behind the escort with submission. The cave system was crawling with guards, so Ashanti didn’t try any escape yet. Any wrong move would cost her her life. Behind her we’re also guards in case the female got cocky, but Ashanti knew better.

A female approached, lithe in size and stature, the guard then Ashanti. Her voice was calm, her aura patient as if she were a friend of the slave: “My name is Sefkhet, please do not be frightened. Pharoh demands you look presentable for his party guests. This may hurt a pinch, just ask me to stop if it does.”

Ashanti granted Sefkhet permission to groom her. Sefkhet used her teeth to pluck chunks of dirt caked into her fur, or any tangles from tussles she had had recently. The female cleansed away any blood as well, and put ointments on small cuts and wounds. After this she decorated Ashanti’s body with flowers and moss, then placed a flower between her skull and ear.

Ashanti would have felt beautiful if it weren’t for the current circumstances, but thanked Sefkhet for her efforts and pressed forward. She made sure not to destroy the female’s work in case she receive punishment for Ashanti not looking her best.

Pharoh’s voice boomed through the halls as well as another gentlemen’s. Curiosity pryed at her attention, but Ashanti feared what was to come.

“Pharoh, your desert flower,” one of the brute’s spoke with confidence as Ashanti entered the room. All eyes were on her, and this made her body run cold. What had the female gotten herself into?

(Please delete if unallowed, or make into a new topic. Wanted to get Ashanti’s intro done)

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Re: Praise the Devourer

Post by Chenzira on Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:22 am

Pharoh remained seated in his throne with an unmoving smirk as the Dark Lord announced his winning candidate: “Bring her to me,”

The gray-white female climbed to his throne and looked forward as she was being examined. Her body was stiff, and her eyes ahead not daring to look at Pharoh directly. Cardi was certainly attractive both in looks and supposedly skill, and believed that she’d do her very best to their dark work. Pharoh nodded, pleased.

“That will be all, thank you.” Chenzira whispered to her before she returned to Abdul’s flank, then eyes looming over to Abdul who sat in the background waiting for his answer: “I trust your decision.”

In that instant, one of his guards announced the arrival of one of his most treasured slaves. She was dressed as a princess, almost beautiful to one if her attitude didn’t seep through the cracks. Her name meant war-like, and she didn’t disappoint. There was fire in her soul, but deep inside Chenzira believed there was treasure buried. One way or another, he’d make her crack. As she entered the room, the Pharoh rose to his feet.

His eyes glanced over to Abdul, who was also looking at the femme with the same hunger that fueled himself, and smiled brightly. “Abdul, meet your desert rose, a gift for all of your work,”

He trotted over to the slave-girl and smiled, eyeing her adornments with an approving smile. Before he ushered Ashanti to Abdul, the Pharoh pulled the slave close to his mouth to whisper into her aud: “Heed my warning girl, he has firmer hand than I. I ask you perform all is asked of the Dark Lord or receive the consequences.”

He pulled away quickly and smiled to the Dark Lord, pushing Ashanti towards the ebony colored canine. “She is to do anything that is asked,” He began proudly, “if she does not cooperate, feel free to punish as necessary, should I send her to your chambers?”

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Re: Praise the Devourer

Post by Nephthys on Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:49 pm

Nephthys stood, quiet. Pharoah had given orders to retrieve a desert rose, and she had done so with the help of another. As Pharaoh examined the so called flower, Nephthys stole a moment to glance at the dark lord who's being they made well sure to please. Nephthys had spoken to Sefkhet and heard of the tale she had told about this Dark Lord. Even as the black female gazed at this brute, briefly, she saw only the makings of a tyrant. Nephthys was a quiet soul, loyal, yet daring. She liked Pharoah and with that, she would do as she pleases, in her mind, to protect him. As she stood there and Pharoah announced the Lords pleasures, Neph remained alert and watched Pharoahs every move, anxiously awaiting his command, whichever that may be.

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Re: Praise the Devourer

Post by Abdul on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:50 am

Abdul was so flabbergasted from the surprise of receiving such a grand present, that the brute did not pay attention to Pharoh’s opinion on his new hire, Cardi, who was silently watching all the events unfold. The brute knew his visit wouldn’t be extended as to begin her training in Alkebulan.

“Praise the Devourer! She is stunning,” Abdul announced with a cheeky grin while looking at the female, “Please do send her to my chambers; tonight I will spend with my damsel, then be on my way when morning sun approaches us.”

With a curt nod to Cardi, he dismissed her presence from the room. She would be spending her night living among the Cthulhu people, and he watched as Ashanti left the room as well. As he studied her body, curiosity grew to anxiousness. The brute wanted to be with her now.

With a smile sent to Pharoh, Abdul nodded and bowed before leaving the King’s presence:
“It was good seeing you, old friend,” Abdul began his farewells, “I will be on my way,”

-Abdul’s exit; making a new thread for AshantixAbdul-


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Re: Praise the Devourer

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