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Dakoros' Portal | Accepting | Fantasy | Human | Open World |

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Dakoros' Portal | Accepting | Fantasy | Human | Open World |

Post by Nashota on Sat Sep 08, 2018 10:23 pm

So, this is a roleplay I've recently wanted to put together. It is still fresh and in skeleton form, but I am looking for a team. Post below if you're interested. Below is the storyline.

In a realm of kings, an Ark stands at the center, a symbol of peace. Three Kings came together in a time when famine, war and unimaginable creatures walked the earth tumbling a land known as Vanora into darkness and chaos. Amidst the chaos, a wizard known as Dakoro emerged and declared there be peace if the kings joined forces and fought their way to victory. Quarnos, a demon from another world unknown was defeated and imprisoned in his own world, the portal closed by a special key Dakoro had given to the three kings. For their courage, Dokoro gave the three royals gifts including, magic, elements, even resurrected their kingdoms from the war. Each royal took a piece of the key they were given and went home with a promise to each other to be there in a time of need. No one suspected the coming events 100 years later.

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