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I Will Not Bow

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I Will Not Bow

Post by Accalia on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:15 pm

Ashanti was removed from the Pharoh’s lair after orders of Chenzira, then was quickly escorted down another stone-y hall that sent chills down her spine. The air was thin and cold; the hall was silent, water droplets could be heard yards away. This area of the cave route was one not travelled much. But there was a breeze that directly came from outside; Ashanti had no choice but to press further.

As this was the Dark Lord’s chambers, the murals of the ancient gods and spirits of the dead were stained on the cave walls. Their dead eyes seemed to taunt and tease as her fate my be similar to theirs, or quite possibly Abdul’s wrath may be just as violent as a god. Skulls, offerings, and shrines lay on the ground for Abdul’s work. The Lord must have had the favor of the entire community; or maybe they feared him, and tried to be in his good graces.

Inside his room was covered in murals, and the ground was covered in pelts of predator animals. The room was cozy and tidy; Lord Abdul must rarely use it.

When the guards left her side and returned to their station at the start of the hall, Ashanti knew there was little to no way of escaping. The area well protected by guards and common people. She would have to follow instruction if she wanted to possibly see the daylight.

The femme could only wait until the Dark Lord arrived to know what the future would hold of her.


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