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Tibalten: Pack Information

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Tibalten: Pack Information

Post by Roleplay Manager on Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:24 pm

“Tales have recently spread of such an abnormal breed of wolves that newly declared their place in this world, but don’t be fooled - their existence have long since settled. Their domain is high in the mountain peaks, where they've hidden by jagged cliffs and clad in ice and snow. The pack, Tibalten, has thrived in secrecy, but are now demanding their presence to be known by their newest wolvenking, Alexios. They are wolves of pedigree, and the best in physique and beauty.

Blood and status: this is how the wolves of Tibalten determine one’s true value. The Wolven Kingdom's royal family were at the top of purity. In order to maintain this high status, the royal family are responsible for conceiving majority of the citizens that reside in Tibalten in their efforts to maintain their rare lineage. Nearly everyone shares some form of relationship to the Royal Family, and are then titled as true Tibaltens.

While the kingdom mainly known for the Royal Family's kin, Tibaltens aren’t the only wolves that reside in the peaks alongside them. Wolves of no relation are welcomed to live within the pack and hold ranks. Any wolf that lives in Tibalten without holding a relation to the Royal Family are called "Tenants;" they live in protection and thrive with Tibaltens in exchange for their services.

- The King’s word is law; he has the final say on all affairs.
- The Royal Family and pregnant Tibaltens should always be first to feast.
- Acts of rape, murder, theft, and deceit are punishable as seen fit by the King.
- Tibaltens should never take a mate without approval of the King; wolves should never breed before marriage.
- Tenants and Bastards are forbidden from taking a mate or breeding.
- It is the Father’s right to choose his daughter’s mate, or call a Blood Duel with permission of the King. [url=link]Learn more![/url]
- It is expected of both females and males to remain “pure” until they have become wedded to a mate.
- A wolf may only take one mate.
- Never leave the kingdom without permission of the King, as well as a Knight's company.

Views on Ceremonies: Since the dawn of Dominik’s reign, the wolves of Tibalten practice many ancient traditions drawn from the pack's rich heritage. With a heavy focus on feasting, the pack will find just about any excuse to host a pack-wide gathering. Tibaltens will celebrate seasonal changes, coronation ceremonies, full moon parties, weddings, establishing alliances, victories, births, and even deaths.

Views on Blood Duels: In order to ensure the traditions are maintained, it is the Father’s right to choose his daughter’s mate. If there are many candidates, a father can hold a Blood Duel where any unwedded males can battle for the position. These wolves are pitted against one another in a match with only one suitor emerging victorious. These fights sometimes lead to death, but submitting defeat midway is also acceptable. At the end, the victor will then be able to claim his bride instantly instead of having a wedding ceremony. If a Tenant happens to rise victorious in the death match, the King will title him as a true Tibalten, and receive all the privileges as a Tibalten.
Please note, your wolf must have enough avens to claim a mate to compete and all outcomes regarding fighting and / or death should be discussed beforehand.

Views on Marriages: There is nothing more sacred than a formal union between two wolves in the eyes of Tibaltens.  Fathers will often set up courtships for their children before they leave the womb; this secures their children’s place in nobility and helps the pack flourish. Many wolves will spend their entire young lives in preparation for their ceremony.

Views on Blood Purity & Bastardy: It is expected that all Tibaltens remain “pure” until they have become wedded to a mate, unless given the right to breed by the Wolvenking. To sully oneself before their wedding is disrespectful and can have damage for the families involved. Forever titled as "unclean", many of these families end up becoming the source of gossip and ridicule within their society. Should an unwedded female become pregnant no matter the means, her blood will be deemed impure or tainted. Bastard children are seen as mistakes, and will be driven away or even killed to protect their family’s reputations.

Tibaltens consider themselves the most cultured beings in the land due to their refined tastes, sophistication and traditional society. Many harbor feelings of superiority towards outsiders, but behind the curtains lie a mutual respect which extends to all members of Tibalten. You won’t find a pack who cares more fiercely and deeply for one another.

With jagged cliffs, glaciers, and occasional rock-slides or avalanches, Tibalten looks much like a fortress, and it is unusual for outsiders to accidentally stumble into their domain. With little accessibility to the outside world, it is wise to be wary of any unexpected guests. Should a wolf wish to join the pack, he/she must request an appointment with the King. Those deemed worthy are welcomed into the ranks as an Tenant Omega. Trespassers are to receive death immediately to prevent their location being shared.

Habiru: Wary of
Cthulhu: Curious
Ya'ai: Uninterested
Vargas: Unknown
Kojiki: Unknown
Rou'Garou: Historic Enemies

Knights: Dedication and unbending loyalty, the Knights are proud wolves who safeguard Tibalten. They routinely oversee the mountainous terrain for all threats, and engage in sparring matches with other Keepers ensures that the members of this faction remain fit for the physical demands of their rank. They are the strength behind Tibalten; they do not shy away from bloodshed and chaos. Knights are Tibalten's first source of defense, and are to be given utmost respect.

Ministers: Ministers are a proud bunch; the heart and soul of Tibalten itself. Breathing life into the pack’s traditions, they are the wolves who pass down stories and knowledge to the next generation. Meister’s duty lies in passion of the wolf itself; some act as storytellers, healers, babysitters, or just general champions of the mind. With a primary focus in education and healing, they have an impressive grasp of Tibalten's culture.

Thanator: These wolves have a free pass that most wolves never see, and that gives this rank an attractive appeal. Quick in mind and body with an even temperament, novices are responsible for tracking prey and moving the herds. They must monitor their movements so wolves never depart too far from home to hunt. When work is done and the sun still shines, these wolves are also requested to scout and learn life outside of Tibalten. They also act to keep an eye out for any neighboring packs that get too close. Their work keeps the King informed and the pack safe from the unknown.

Squires: Because of the role these wolves are placed in, their total is comprised mostly of Tenants. A Squire’s duty is determined by the wolf they serve. Their function is to provide support whenever necessary to any wolf. This can range from providing food to delivering messages or caring for Tibalten pups alongside Ministers. In times of emergency they are utilized as general assets, and can serve alongside the Knights as needed, but will never be given the same honor due to not being dedicated to that task.

King & Queen: They are the supreme leaders of the kingdom. When their presence is near, it is wise to bow and/or show utmost respect. They should be referred to as the Wolvenking & Wolvenqueen respectfully.
- Alexios

Clergy: Well seasoned wolves of Tibalten blood, these wolves are mostly wolves too aged to perform their duties. They get similar treats and privileges that the King gets, especially during their final months. The clergy are expected to enjoy life, but to aid the King in decision making.
- None

Duke/Duchess The leaders of a their rank, and the highest in their task. Limited to one per task per invitation only with approval of staff! They are referred to as "Duke of Knight/Duchess of Ministry" respectfully.
- Knights None!
- Ministers: None!
- Thanators: None!
- Squires: None!

Earl/Countess: Experts in their tasks; a step below the leaders.
- Knights None!
- Ministers: None!
- Thanators: None!
- Squires: None!

Viscount/Vicountess: Regular members in their rank.
- Knights None!
- Ministers: None!
- Thanators: None!
- Squires: None!

Baron/Baronness: Wolves that are new to their rank.
- Knights Vladimir
- Ministers: None!
- Thanators: None!
- Squires: None!

Peasants: Wolves that are new to the pack.
- Zena, Mae

Kin: Wolves that are too young to hold a rank.
- None!

Roleplay Manager

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