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Vargas: Pack Information

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Vargas: Pack Information

Post by Roleplay Manager on Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:18 pm

Vargas - a crew of thieves, some folk may call them, but this is not all there is to be known about the wolves of the islands. The wolves of Vargas are close-knit yet solitary, and they are sharp-eyed warriors who enjoy their freedom. During their ventures, their primary responsibility is to strengthen the horde and crew during their voyages. Vargas do not have a set location they call home; the wolves of Vargas mingle in secrecy and move as a shadow. They live dangerously, but they enjoy the pleasures of life with the same fire as any other.

Vargas’n members have a bond that runs between blood and oath. Once a wolf shows intentions and skill required to be accepted into the crew, the Captain will proceed to share the oath and the mark. They honor this oath with unwavering dignity. Dying knowing the secrets of Vargas and bearing it’s mark is an honor, therefore Vargas’n wolves do not fear death.

Unlike many of their neighbors, Vargas’n wolves do not have a long line of history that they share to younger generations. Their uprising was rather traditional despite their chaotic lifestyle. Vargas began when one loner embraced the solitary lifestyle and claimed the oceanic paradise as his own. It was full of luscious lands, flourishing with beaches, flowery hills, and rested next to a lively sea. Word spread of the single loner living the life of a king, and many who were exhausted of the constant struggle travelled far to get a taste of this luxurious lifestyle. Many arrived in heaps, and therefore this was the beginning of the the crew.

However as numbers rose, the population of the prey began to dwindle from natural disasters and overhunting. As a result, they came to the solution to loot from other predators or packs. They’d rather take their carcasses than hurt the population unless there’s a surplus.

As years passed, Vargas were beginning to get too much attention; most being negative, as the wolves still created turmoil with neighboring packs. This created a distaste for Vargas wolves among the land, and even caused some minor battles with Vargas as a whole. Some branded all of Vargas’n wolves enemies rather than the hostile loner responsible. This created tension within the crew itself as the Captain could not control his people. Without strong leadership, the crew went to chaos. Many rebellions and mutinies sprouted to life, but always diminished before any damage was done.

Eventually the Captain began to wither with age, forcing him to step down from his role. But he raised a worthy heir that would learn from his mistakes, and would be voted as the next Captain of Vargas. His name was Choegal.

- The Captain's word is the law.
- Stealing from the crew will result in immediate exile.
- All members are allowed to venture freely after their work is done.
- Keep the existence of Vargas a secret if you commit crimes or wrongdoings with another pack.
- Any wolf that is found not pulling their weight shall suffer a punishment or banishment.
- Any information, tools, large game and etc. must be shared with the crew.
- Practicing "free love" is allowed, but no couples will be officially recognized until they arrange a wedding ceremony.
- Private business between two wolves is not of the Captain’s concern unless necessary. This included but not limited to: rape, adultery, abuse, etc.

culture and

Tibalten: Unknown
Cthulhu: Unknown
Habiru: Unknown
Kojiki: Unknown
Rou'Garou: Unknown
Ya'ai: Unknown

Berserker: The Berserkers are the first line of defense, and usually the most skilled in tactical warfare. While everyone is expected to know a basic level of combat, the Berserkers are the ones who can train other wolves who hold a different rank. They are expected to accompany the other wolves as a mean for protection, as well as switch shifts watching the horde.
Wayfinder: These wolves are the navigators of the crew. Not only are they to get a lay of their land, they are to venture out and understand other pack’s lands. They will usually act as scouts, spies, messengers, or any job that involves tracking. They have the privilege of being free to go as they want, so the captain relies on them as they are his eyes.
Surgeons: These wolves are tasked with the job of tending to all medical emergencies that occur in the crew. Surgeons must be meticulous, patient, and detailed oriented as they strive to keep everyone healthy.
Feeders: Feeders are similar to Wayfinders as they can venture freely, but rather than having multiple jobs, these wolves are only required to bring food to the horde.

Captain & First Mate: The Captain is the supreme ruler of the crew usually selected by vote. They are usually selected because they are respected - not because they were feared, but this usually depends on the candidates for the position. The First Mate is just below the Captain, and would take control of the crew when the Captain was absent.
- Choegal

Quartermasters: As a Captain's right hand, these wolves are in charge when Captain is not present. They are welcome assist the lower ranks if needed, but that's up to them.
- None

Boatswain: The leaders of a their rank, and the highest in their task. Limited to one per task per invitation only with approval of staff! They are referred to as "Master Berserker/Feeder" respectfully.
- Berserker: None!
- Wayfinder: None!
- Surgeons: None!
- Feeders: None!

Gunners: Experts in their tasks; a step below the leaders.
- Berserker: None!
- Wayfinder: None!
- Surgeons: None!
- Feeders: None!

Mates: Regular members in their rank.
- Berserker: None!
- Wayfinder: None!
- Surgeons: None!
- Feeders: None!

Monkeys Wolves that are new to their rank. They are called "monkeys" or other derogatory names for their lack of experience.
- Berserker: None!
- Wayfinder: None!
- Surgeons: None!
- Feeders: None!

Omegas: Wolves that are new to the pack.
- Kita

Pups: Wolves that are too young to hold a rank.
- None!

Roleplay Manager

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