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Cthulhu: Pack Information

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Cthulhu: Pack Information

Post by Roleplay Manager on Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:20 pm

“The distant sandy domain of Cthulhu is disguised as an empty vastness. The wolves of Cthulhu are noble, industrious, and mysterious, but nothing short of unique and varied as the land they reside in. After a feuding war that lasted generations, the founding dynasty of the Cthulhu people came to an immediate end. However, a few scattered survivors have kept the culture alive for generations with the help of the Habiru. One wolf who was to inherit the throne was believed to be dead, consumed by the flames that scorched the promise land, has resurrected this ancient order and restored its ways and traditions.”

Cthulhu is primarily inspired by the language and culture of Ancient Egypt.

The wolves of Cthulhu are industrious, and have a passion for the arts. The territory is adorned with shrines, paintings, and a variety of items that suit their fancy. Each Cthulhu wolf has a strong devotion to the arts and sciences; whether it’s the aspects of one's duty, mentality, or culture the dynasty was founded on. Cthulhu wolves are expected to treat each other with utmost cooperation and respect, particularly when rank and age are involved. Times have changed since the founding dynasty; there is more seperation of class present day, so wolves of Cthulhu will be rarely seen integrating outside their class. Honor, unity, and a firm hierarchy make Cthulhu.

Compared to the ancient dynasty, Cthulhu is relaxed, but still remain disciplined and formal. Oftentimes, those with age or historical ties to the former dynasty are more traditional, while wolves of the new generation tend to be somewhat more light-hearted. Cthulhu stay hidden in the desert; often residing in the nooks and crannies of the canyon, underground taverns, or simply enjoying the oasis. They often are seen in their hiding places, and tend to rarely be seen in plain sight to avoid contact with unwanted visitors. Cthulhu can be rude to foreigners, but this anguish is simply due to the amount of casualties and demise of the old dynasty from war. They try to avoid contact altogether unless it’s from ancient allies: Habiru.

Their idea is that if outsiders believe the Cthulhu completely died out, they will not be bothered.

Wolves of Cthulhu have a very mysterious culture behind their brutish social front.

Cthulhu try to not stray from the aspects the dynasty was built on, so they rely on tradition to commemorate their ancestors. One of these traditions being that the wolves of Cthulhu can practice “free love,” but marriage and love are deeply valued. They wed for life, and love for their mate is expected to rival their dedication to their task. Wolves of the lower class can be wed to whomever they choose, but wolves of the upper class usually have more of a direct lineage to the former dynasty, and therefore require a ceremony.

Cthulhu are religious - they believe their ancestors are gods, as well as whoever holding the title of “Pharoh” of being half god, half mortal. They believe in a few other select deities and other realms in which these deities reside. In the eyes of the Cthulhu, everything has a role and position in the system of energy, and entities are said to visit among the mortals. Some deities can take the form of beings that can be found in nature, so the Cthulhu must have utmost respect and tread carefully in order to not invoke the wrath of a deity.

Cthulhu have a stricter culture, but they are not necessarily harsh. Most rules are enforced through corrections by packmates, then punishments increasing in severity with exile as the final and capital punishment.

Any deliberate harm or abuse of another Cthulhu or innocent wolf is punishable to the highest degree.
Respect seniors and those above them in rank.
Cthulhu must respect their fellows.
Wolves should strive to resolve interpersonal issues, in whichever way they see fit - provided the laws are followed.
Giving information to outsiders is strictly forbidden. The pack comes before any foreigner

Roleplay Manager

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