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Welcome to the Brotherhood

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Welcome to the Brotherhood

Post by Cardi on Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:44 am

Cardi sauntered from the darkness into the light. Her eyelids became thin slits due to the light being bright. The sun slowly settled in the horizon marking night’s arrival; the barks and battle cries signaled it was near the time to complete their feast. It was adrenaline that fueled her at this time - not hunger. She exchanged glances with her comrades before giving a nod to both; then a nod to her supervisor Abdul.

The brute blended in with the darkness behind him. His pelt being as dark as the night and the ebony treeline. Blue eyes that reflected from the sunlight was the only thing that the femme could see. She hoped he would choose her from the males during this test. She showed the most promise and dedication for the position in the brotherhood; that was her opinion, at least. The brutes had brawn, but wits was Cardi’s forte. Abdul would see it surely.

It wasn’t until a call the bellowed from Abdul’s lips that started the test. The lions would be feeding by now; whoever could steal a heart from a lion would be crowned victorious. The males both ran to their target, almost diving head first into combat. Their fighting style was reckless, guerilla war fare type that made Cardi sneer with disapproval. The males thought strength would win the competition.

Cardi shook her head and sink low to the grass; observing the battle before her. Her eyes wandered the plain quickly until she saw a small creature slink away - a cub. Cardi didn’t know if a cub’s heart would be good enough for the lords of the Duat, but it was a chance Cardi would take. She stalked the cub quietly until she got close enough. The cub remained still, eyes engulfed in the battle. The males put up a good fight, but they wouldn’t last. Cardi pounced onto the cub with jowls meeting contact with the jugular. It squealed in pain, but the chaos echoed over the plains would mask over the cub’s cries. She thrashed the cub around until it’s abdomen was exposed and grabbed the heart with trembling fangs and utmost care.

She walked proudly away from the body of her sacrifice, knelt down and placed the heart at Abdul’s feet.

“For you, my Lord,”

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Re: Welcome to the Brotherhood

Post by Abdul on Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:08 pm

Abdul slithered into the wood as his three final candidates made their way to a group of feeding lionesses. The bohemian sent the war cry signaling the start of their quest, and there he sat back and watched the show before him. The brute didn’t think twice about the femme; her devotion to his cause surpassed Habiru’s expectations, but this was a test of brawn. The female surely didn’t have the amount of strength as the brutes beside her, so Abdul tried to not make any decision on a victor until the test was complete.

It was mere seconds before the two males were entangled with the lionesses; yelps and yowls filled the air. Blood splattered across the dusty savanna. It’s coppery aroma tainting the air sending chills down his spine. As the scene progressed, one male had fallen in defeat while one barely remained. The female was nowhere to be seen; his eyes scouted for her enthusiastically. Had she given up and retreated from the madness?

A call from the side collected his attention. It was the cry of youth - it’s higher pitched vocals giving away its immaturity and age. Abdul no longer bothered to watch the remaining brute; what trickery had the female performed? His eyes played darts all over watching the brute’s demise as well as trying to get a glimpse to detect the female. He didn’t see a thing.

His male candidate rested in a broken and grotesque-looking heap, crying in agony and his failure. His calls for help towards any passerby’s or Abdul would never come. The brute failed the Dark Lord’s test, so the male wouldn’t receive time or care of Habiru or Abdul. His eyes shot daggers when the scrawny female dropped a small heart at his feet, bowing in respect.

A smirk settled on Abdul’s face; the brute was rather genius, but this outcome was not one he was expecting. The female was outstanding in every way, and would be given Abdul’s respect as well as Pharoh’s. The brute would be certain that she would be ideal for the cause.

“My, oh my,” He began as he nudge the heart with a darkened snout. “Ahemait would be pleased, as should you.”

The brute placed the heart into her feet; she would have the honor of giving her first offering to the Devourer before their trek to the Cthulhun palace. There was a feast arranged for the victor from the Pharoh. This feast would better inform her of her duties, and the importance of her role in the dynasty.

“Come with me, we have a long journey.” He gestured for her company; “Let me tell you the tale about the hare and the tortoise.”

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